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About Janet

    Janet Faye (Fenton) Meadows loves Jesus.  And, she loves Don Meadows, her husband of more than 34 years.  Janet also loves to write poetry, when it is inspired by God.  In fact, she says she can't write unless she is inspired to do so by the Holy Spirit.  When you experience the poems offered here, you will agree that, indeed, she and God have a very special relationship which gives her many beautiful things to say.  We will update these poems from time to time.  You may use them for non-commercial purposes, but she does ask that you also bless the Lord Jesus when you do share them.  Also, she would appreciate hearing from you.  
My Father New Year Prayer He Carried the Cross Thank You God Cares Walk in Wind
Maple St.  Homecoming The Rainbow Still There Why Me, Lord? Gracious Words Because of Me
Watch! Breaking Alabaster Boxes Are You Running With Me, Jesus? Burden Bearer Thank You Confession
Love Jesus The Next Thing How Can I But Love Him? Show Me Myself, Lord One Way Marriage Poem
Joy of Forgiveness Be A Serving Spoon Thank You, Lord Schism The Same Boat My House
Be Calm, My Soul Teach Me        

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