Help My Unbelief

Lord Jesus, bind the devil’s efforts to condemn me for my unbelief. As the father of a boy who was thrown into fits, Lord, I do believe.  That’s not my problem.

My problem is my unbelief.  Help me with that, please!

When things don’t go as I think they ought, I question my faith in You and my loyalty to You.  I ask “Why?”  And, your silence causes a fear that you don’t hear..

ssibilities arise, and I am stunned that I have been such a disobedient child.  Is this thinking true, or is it the deception of the devil?  I fear the answer might be “yes” and “yes.”

I confess that I am still a sinner needing forgiveness everyday, every hour.  My greatest – most dangerous – sins, I suppose, are those when I doubt you – I mean REALLY DOUBT YOU, your existence, your willingness to fellowship with me, to love me.  Even save me.

These are unfounded doubts, I know, because the times you have revealed yourself to me I can not count.  Those moments of love experienced are burned into my heart and mind. Then, I feel shame.  Is it really your Holy Spirit whichconvicts me, O God, or is it Satan trying to block my fellowship with you?

When my spirit is troubled, my mind clouded with the mish-mask of conflicting belief and unbelief, rush to my aid.  Protect me from myself.  Stand with me between me and the evil one.  Order him away that my joy solid in trusting, truly trusting you in all things.

Help me seize upon  every weakness I have  and surrender it to you.  Wait my soul for the Lord, for He is present, guarding and comforting you; doing so that Jesus will be glorified.

I believe Him.  Amen!

Don Meadows


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Prayers Beginning May 1, 2017

Forgive, Lord; Guide Me!

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. ––  Psalm 51:10 (KJV)

How obvious to me are the sins, errors and mistakes of others.  I cry out to you for justice, and it would be fitting were you to hand it now this very instant.

But, wait, merciful Lord, not yet!  Not just yet, please, for if you answer my prayer for justice with justice I will be judged, too. And I am guilty of all the things others do, things that incite my hunger for justice.  I mean, come down on them, Lord.  How stupid and ridiculous I am.

I remember, now.  “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”  (Romans 3:23 (KJV)) I’m that man James talked about, Jesus. “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” (James 2:10 (KJV))

I don’t like when I see into my heart.  I see the person I try to keep hidden from people.  My problem, however, is I cannot hide anything from you for you are omniscient.  You know everything about everything – even me!

So, I ask, beg and plead: Forgive me for my sins.  Create in me a clean heart.  Give me clear eyes to discern my faults.  Replace my condemning heart with a new one that beats for mercy for others.  Make my soul hunger for you, and yearn not for that which brings me happiness, joy and satisfaction.  Instill in me yourself, that your will shall be my will, especially in seeking the lost, helping the hurting and noticing the forgotten and estranged.

Grant me your mercy, gracious Lord, and permit me to be an instrument of your peace, a clone of your unselfish love and a benefactor to all in their legitimate needs.

I am pretty sure what will happen if you grant my requests, Lord, so I ask one thing more:  Endow me with courage, obedience and compassion, for which Christ may receive glory and honor.  In his name. Amen!

Don Meadows


Dealing With Death Here

What was it Lord that silenced the people at the funeral home visitation?  Only in hushed whispers did anyone speak. There was a loud quietness while I spoke words meant to comfort, but could do so only up to a point.  Our words, too, were soft, understandable just by the two of us.  I could feel eyes looking, wondering who I was, eyes that were pain-filled but displaying no outward emotion.  They were eyes into which I could see inside hearts of caring, loving people, showing respect, sharing grief, giving their love through their hushed presence.

It was different, so different from what I have experienced at other “viewings.” Often there is a constant clatter of undistinguishable words enveloping the room, as family and friends get reacquainted. Small talk, of no particular importance, but a continuous hum of human interaction as they try to make the best while enduring a terrible couple of hours.

Death is faced many times with verbal anguish, disbelief, pain-filled loud grief.  But, Lord, this was different. And I was left in awe, not in a negative sense but impressed that I was somehow given a moment to be immersed in a spirit of holiness.

You take note of every earthly death, all-knowing Lord. Your Word tells me that, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15 (KJV) I know you hate death.  You restored life to a little girl.  You brought a dead Lazarus alive from the tomb. Because you were human, yet divine, you yielded to death on the cross and you stripped it of its sting by your resurrection.

Who knows more about death than you, merciful Father, creator of all that is and giver and keeper of life?  The man Jesus trusted you with his death as he offered eternal life on the cross.  “And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost.” Luke 23:46 (KJV)

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for this new encounter with life through a death.  What I saw will be treasured forever in my heart.  I saw people dealing with the realities of the physical passing of a loved one, friend and respected member of their community.  I saw an acceptance of life’s certainty of death, but not surrender to it.  I felt – maybe that is the best word – a receiving of the peace that passes understanding and an unspoken conviction this was not an end of a person’s existence but a necessary step to inheriting eternal triumph.  I saw not spiritual paralysis but confident expectation of what was to come in God’s now.

I pray, Lord, we ever be humbled by death but not be overwhelmed by it.  Grant us insight through faith to know death is not the end but the beginning of that abundant life you came to give to all who will receive. Whether we are old or young, Jesus, you want to hold us in your protective arms and receive us unto thyself, that where you are we shall be also.

Thank you, in Your Name I say, “Amen.”


Don Meadows


Grab Me, God!

Grab my mind, O Holy Spirit, and help me focus on Your voice. May Thy Word yield its directions to me, that I will see, and honor, and glorify Jesus by my obedience.

Thank You for this day, a new beginning of this journey to journey’s end.  Forgive, I ask, my sins in past days, and empower me to do Thy bidding in the days that remain for me.

I don’t know what awaits me on this road to Heaven.  I do know that You know, and therein is the sticking place for my courage.  With You I am safe.  With You I shall attain that which is set for me to gain for Your Kingdom.  This is my course.  This shall You have.

May I live for Thy Kingdom’s sake, denying the lure of appeasing my lusts.  They are many, but with Thy help, they shall bow in obedience to Your capturing love. You are true.

O Lord, I ask, please allow me to see the fruits of our work together.  I don’t ask for glory or recognition, but I desire to know that my efforts are pleasing, and profitable to Your cause to honor Thy Son, Jesus Christ.

Hear my prayer for my family.  Indeed, I pray for the families of all peoples, who cry out for the salvation of all loved ones that they shall be safe in Your arms forever.  May all my children, and their children, gain entry into Thy Kingdom through Jesus Christ, Thy Son.

I beg Thee, O Lord of Mercy, heal the self-inflicted wounds of America.  Our nation is sick because of its sins of many names and faces.  Thank you for few who recognize this, and mourn about it. Forgive each of us, and forgive our nation, for sinning against each other and against You.  Silence those loud voices that spew out hatred, and convert them into witnesses of Your healing power of the soul.

Many things I don’t understand, but this I do know: You are God.  Your nature is to give love, though at times it has to be tough love.  We, whom You made in Your own likeness, have make ourselves unfit for Thy company through many acts of disobedience and rebellion against You.  But, You are merciful, desiring none of us be lost to the devil, but that we all repent and come to Thee.  Never can we hope for achieving this on our own, but, thanks to You, we have Jesus.  Thank You, our redeeming God, for the cross that pointed to heaven even while it was anchored to the earth, symbol of death – an awful death of a pure and righteousness man, because of our wickedness.  You proved your power over death by the resurrection of the one and only perfect man, Jesus.  Now the comforts of Thy love cradle us with the assurance that we shall be with You.

Hear our prayers, all-knowing God.  Save us, cleanse us entirely and keep us forever through Jesus, whom we praise and by whom we pray.  Amen. And Amen!

Don Meadows


A New World of Opportunities!

The world’s circumstances have changed, Lord, and I offer to you thanksgiving and praise for the possibilities that arouses.

As we note the passing of political power, guide us to remember that man can but grab limited control over his world and, yes, his very life.  You are God.  You are Almighty.  Nations rise and nations fall at your will.  Man may ascend to the heights of power, but only you rule over all.

O Lord, I pray President Trump will hear your voice speak to his heart and follow your directions.  May those who counsel him give license to your Holy Spirit to guide them.  Provide that by this listening, our leadership will help turn our nation from it wicked ways and become an instrument of your holiness and love.

Bind the evil spirits of division and hatred.  Free us from the darkness of sin and draw us into the light of righteousness, justice for all and basic goodness.

The king of darkness fights to rob us of the joy that unity brings.  There is no truce in his waging of war.  He wants unconditional surrender and will use legislative processes, legal confrontations, verbal and deadly attacks upon peacekeepers, those who worship and try to serve you, through despotic actions that reveal hearts and minds given over to evil and kidnapped by delusions they have the real truth.  Guard us from wrong religion, and its disciples who hate, destroy and  kill under the belief they are doing your will.

Guard our President, dear Lord, from evil. Protect him from himself and that spirit of  pride which hides in each of us, waiting opportunity to assert its will against yours. Overwhelm our enemies if they be your enemies. Crush them not, we ask, but convict them unto repentance that they be brought into the fold of Jesus.

Bind our people, indeed all nations, with that cord which cannot be broken – even thy love, woven on the cross and tied unto heaven and eternal life by the resurrection.

Help us see the fresh choices we have. Reveal to us your will through your perfect vision show us our true selves, and may we permit your Spirit to inspire us to reach for greater victories of nation and Kingdom.  

Be merciful to us, sinners that we are.  Make us new in you!  Cause the American heart to remember again we are because you allow us to be.  May we see ourselves again as a nation called to be an instrument of thy love and peace and example of your perfect goodness.   We ask this in the name of Christ.  Amen!


Don Meadows

Empower Me This Day

Empower me this day, O God, to receive thy word.  Allow it to search me, challenge me, mould me and direct me to become participant with Thee in Thy great work of love. Replace my prejudices with holy grace that I may see opportunities to gain for Thee those whom my affections so frustrate me.  Remove from me my desires for self gain and instill in the created void the determination to seek for others their highest good.

By Thy mercies remind me continually that you are God, that I am your subject who has been adopted by you through the blood of your only begotten and, now, my brother, Jesus.

I come before you deserving not audience with Thee, not as your child, though declared as such in your Word, nor by virtue of any good that I may have done.  My boldness before you, my King, is predicated upon one hope only, that is that Jesus bid, “Come unto me.”

I come to thank you, praise you and to respect, honor and lift up the name of Jesus before all others.

Don Meadows


Help Us to Use Blessings Properly

We are blessed today by the wonders of technology that you have permitted, O Living God.  Our lives are richer, fuller, more enjoyable and more abundant for these gadgeted-gifts.

As with so much of the good You have given, they’ve also become a curse.  We turn to them for answers to questions that ought come to you.  We trust them and love them because we think, ignorantly, we created them and rule them,  We fancy ourselves as being wise, but then we play the fool.

We have allowed these “things” to take control, to the end we look less and less unto You.  We study, search and research and, sometimes, we discover ways to escape the fruits of our sins.  So we sin again and again, not fearing consequences because we can deal with that someday, too.  We don’t even fear judgment, because we are so intelligent that, given time, we’ll figure how to avoid even that.  How foolish.  How so very foolish!

All-knowing God, look past our human silliness, please, and forgive our sins of presuming on Your grace and mercy.  You have offered to make invisible to you our betrayal of Your love.  You did this by coming to us and dying disgracefully on a tree, washing away and covering our betrayals of Thee by the blood of Jesus.

Holy Spirit, confront us, convict us and convert us that Truth might a home in us.  Guide us so we follow that Truth who is Christ, and make right use of all that You have given us.  May hearts be remade so that the world’s, and our individual, perversions of “stuff” and morals be stopped.  Give us an appetite for righteousness, a holy hunger for purity. Then, O Lord, grant us to see the world at peace because all people will share that same love with which we are loved in Jesus name and by His sacrifice. Amen.

Don Meadows


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A Church Attitude

Our idea of “church” too often is wrong, O God!

We see “church” as a duty, a chore, a giving of  the sacrifice of our time to You, as if we are doing you a favor for showing up to do religious stuff for an hour or so.  Forgive us!

Rebirth our hearts and minds daily, by thy Holy Spirit, so we learn we are being invited into Thy presence with our brothers and sisters of faith.  You feed us food for our souls, although at times, we admit, we don’t like it and spit it out.  You refresh us with Living Water, but we have little understanding of its power to prepare us for a forever-home.

How shall we praise you, how can we worship you when we put our bodies in a pew but our heart and minds elsewhere?  Be quiet, you spiritual child. Cease your annoying rebellion.  Listen, wait.  Get ready.  You may touch Heaven’s Glory that’s all around you and all the others gathered with you.

It’s your house, Lord, and we are the guests.  Bid us come closer unto you.  Raise us up to greater heights of understanding and deeper union with You.

Forgive our pride, our claims to personal goodness which are destroyed when we learn that one sin, small and unknown by all but Thee, makes us guilty of the most horrible of crimes against your holiness.

Thus enlightened, we give inadequate thanksgiving for forgiveness.  Sometimes we are presumptuous about your grace, and slip back to our old ways.  How very disappointed you must be.  Please, don’t give up on us.

Teach us to pray always with spiritual passion, not reciting our favorite memorized phrases that others praise.  Sometimes, Lord, I fear I am praying not to You, but for them, for their accolades. Teach us not the mechanics of religion, which may satisfy us, but instruct how we can offer true worship in spirit, through The Holy Spirit, that every breath or thought brings joy to you.

May it be so, that we glorify the name of Jesus, savior, Lord, friend and brother.  Amen!

Don Meadows


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Thank You for Your Patient Love

O my Father in heaven forgive for all the grief I’ve caused you through my passion to satisfy my selfish desires.

I rebelled against you.  Against your love and discipline I fought.  But, at the time, I did not know what I was doing.

I wanted my way, while you wanted my highest good.  Your discipline I didn’t want, didn’t appreciate or respect.  I refused to understand.  

But, your mercy refused to stop loving me and, with your rod, you disciplined me.  Now, I rejoice you didn’t quit on  me.  

One of the blessings of your rod is that I have learned how better to love my children by your strength; I shall never give up on my children, those whom you entrusted to me to show to them your eternal love. Temper my will so I shall cherish your right attention to my “growing up.”  Your desire for me instructs me to wish with a holy wish for my children’s salvation and human goodness.

Help them understand the depth of my love, and claim for themselves the assurances of your love for them. Excite their very souls that, in accepting you, they gain that peace, strength, faith and joy I so crave for them.  Of flesh, they are part of me, and through their acceptance of Christ, we – they and me – are joined forever in thee.  Please, dear Lord, cause it to be, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Don Meadows


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Scurity Protection Is Very Expensive!

I’ve purchased earthly security, Lord, and, boy, it is expensive. But, I’m protected -- up to a point – in case of flood, fire, accidents, break-ins and, get this, health needs, hospitalization -- even death.  Of course, that last one actually protects my wife because I don’t expect to get any benefits if I die.

Or will I?  

You see, God, my life insurance is whole life.  That means I’ll be paying for it the rest of my earthly life, and the settlement options -- for Janet -- grow each year.  I feel good about that -- knowing she will have something to help her get along without me and the longer I live the better off her life – I hope.

I have another security program, and it didn’t cost me a cent.  You paid for it, Jesus – the Life Eternal Plan.  It's not what some mean by “eternal security.” I can lose my benefits if I break the contract, or covenant, between You and me. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, I guess my “agent,” who is constantly at work to help me avoid doing that.

None shall enjoy  this plan's benefits except me. It's not a plan unique for me. You offer it to everyone. You want everyone to be the beneficiaries of this plan so that, when we cash it in, we'll understand what we don't comprehend now. We will be able to rejoice with each other when we come Home to You.

Oh, Lord, when I think of the cost of this plan, I am humbled and a bit ashamed It cost You your life, my Savior. You paid with Your blood. On a cross, on a hill, on a day when the devil and his minions thought they had finally done away with You.

Wow!  Were they ever surprised!  Your final words surprised them – “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”  The sudden out-of-time darkening of the earth surprised them.  The lightning and crashing of thunder surprised them.  The tearing of the veil in the Temple surprised them.  The quaking earth surprised them.  The dead walking out of their graves surprised them.  But, little did they know the biggest surprised was yet to come.

For three days you were just another dead man – buried, put away . The tomb was sealed to turn back thieves.  Those who killed You were not interested that You rest in peace, but they wanted to be able to rest in peace, themselves. Everybody knew that soon You would be forgotten, except maybe by the few who knew you intimately.  But, Lord, You would surprise them.  You told them what to expect; they didn’t listen very well.  They knew what we all know -- dead is dead.  And that’s it!

Not many of  us today listen carefully, either.  There too much evidence we don’t.  We don’t intentionally not listen,. It’s just that there is so much going on and we are so, well, so busy.  You understand, don’t You Lord?

I think of those women who let their hearts rule their heads and braved death's smelly, dirty and rotting decay by going  to your grave to put sweet-smelling stuff on your dead flesh. But, they were surprised. The big stone was moved, Your grave, that special resting place, was unsealed. A guy in bright clothing told them that You were not there.  They said – SURPRISE – that You had risen from the dead as promised.  They were told to go and tell the disciples the good news.

Like today, Jesus, the disciples were some special piece of work.  Oh, they were surprised; but more than that,  they were afraid.  Those women weren't. They believed and came to announce the joyful, if unbelievable truth, and can You believe those macho guys, who made and forgot such profound assertions of their love for You, well, they were afraid.  And, they didn't believe the womens report.  You had to show them, more than once.

Forgive us Lord for our feeble proclamations about our faith in You.  Help us believe, to the very depths of our souls, that You are risen and alive.  Help us find new meaning and purpose and a fervent drive to be involved with You in reaching, teaching and baptizing the world in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!

Don Meadows


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Choices –Always Choices!

Constantly I am forced to decide, Lord:  My way, or with you abide?

Moment by moment I have to choose.  Why must it be?  Why must I decide over and over, all the time.  

But I know this:  You still are working on me.

So is the evil one.  He appeals to my humanity: Temper, pride, self-focused desires and loyalties.  He knows my strengths and, especially, my weaknesses.

Shall I never be rid of  him or safe, even from myself? Yes!  Yes, I will, but only when I am wholly surrendered to you!  Then there will be no temptations to abandon thee for my own pleasures.  

I long for that day, Lord, aware that the totality of surrender is possible only when my presence with you is by sight and not faith.  Still, I ask for longer earthly life so I may enjoy my families and friends and, hopefully, influence their getting ready.

Sleet is falling at this very moment.  The air is cold and my room is warm and recliner comfortable.

This shall last but awhile, I know, Lord.  New miseries will come. New joys and comforts I shall realize, new thoughts – about life here and about what life will be there.

You, my God and Savior, will never change.  Your love will never cease.  You never will be not here..  You will strengthen me enough to deal will this life’s challenges and celebrate all joys.

Because I trust your Word, I am learning, as Paul learned (Philippians 4: 11b), to be content whatever my circumstances.

Don’t give up on me, Dear Lord, for I ask these blessings in the name and by the power of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Don Meadows


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I Need to Get Serious With You, Lord

I Need to Get Serious

I need to get serious with You, Lord.  

I need to get serious about discipleship, obedience and Bible Study. I need to get serious with how I worship You. I need to get serious about my prayer life, those moments of talking to You in private about my sins, my hurting body and hurt feelings. I need to get serious with You about my wants and hopes, ambitions and frustrations. I need to get serious about my anger, with others and myself. I need to get serious with You about what I show others day to day.

I need to get serious with You, Lord, how I react to the goings-on around me – politics, social issues, always judging and being judged.  

Yes, Lord, I need to get serious with You.

Why?  Because You were and are serious with me.  You were serious when You saw the desperate need of all people to be saved.  You were serious that this included me.  You were serious when You gave up the glories of Heaven to become like we in flesh.  You were serious about your ministry of healing, teaching, surprising, confronting, confounding and confirming your authority.

You were serious in an Upper Room when You showed your disciples how to love.  You were serious in the Garden when You prayed with such honesty that sweat became like drops of blood.  You were serious when you healed a soldier’s ear, when you stood before those who could not understand You were their Messiah. You were serious in your silence.

You were serious when You climbed a hill, watched spikes driven through your hands and feet.  You were serious when You said, “Father, forgive them.”  You were serious when You placed your Mother under John’s care, and You were serious when You told a robber, “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

You were serious as your blood dripped, your thirst tormented You and your muscles ached and lungs struggled to breathe.  You were serious when You sang, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me…?  You were serious when You struggled to say, “It is finished.”  You were serious when You declared, “Father, into thy hands I yield my spirit.”

You were serious, Lord.

I need to get serious – with You!

Don Meadows


Published 3/27/17

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Hear Our Prayers, O Lord

Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from, for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever. Amen

Pray for Me, Holy Spirit

26  And in the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groings too deep for words; 27  and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. (Romans 8:26-27 (NASB77))

Pray for me, Holy Spirit.  I need your help.  My nasal passages burn, my head aches and my brain feels like it is swallowed up in a glob of something that makes it nearly impossible to think.  My joints ache, stomach is queasy and I just feel blah.

I have the flu – Type B, the doctor said.  I’ll live through but doubt I do much living with it,

I find comfort in Paul’s letter to the church at Rome.  He said, “the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.”

Speak for me, please.  You know my heart better than I.  You know how to speak and what to speak.  Your promises are great comforts.

Demands and responsibilities don’t diminish even with sickness.  Help me do what You have called me to do.  Heal mine infirminity that I can be faithful to you and those who depend on me.

I also hurt for my loved ones who are suffering their personal pains.  A son whose son needs a kidney, a son whose son is going to give a kidney.  A daughter-in-law who just lost her father is dealing with change life can bring as it continues to be lived.  A brother-in-law is coping with the hurt that is brought about for doing the right thing, the loving, entrusting his wife into the care of those better equipped to minister to her needs

The life we have been blessed so wonderfully to have brings with it unwanted agony, Lord.  That’s just the way it is, and on the earth some things just can’t be avoided.  But, you, Holy Spirit, pray for us when we have no words, or can’t think of the words.  In this physical discomfort, we take spiritual comfort. We know that peace we crave but have lost, for the moment, will be ours again..

Accept our praise of thanksgiving.  Our desire is that Jesus Christ be honored in every way.  Amen.

Don Meadows


published 4/1/17

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Oh, Where Could I Go?

Horrors of life explode upon our lives every day, Lord.

Ruthless leaders rain down death and terrible hurt on their own people. Men die. Women die. Children die. They scream – scream out in pain, scream out in fear and scream out in disbelief that those whom You created in love can do such things.

Other terrors haunt us.  People’s lives change suddenly and slowly.  Some of the changes bring joy. Many times change brings broken hearts and broken bodies.  We expect old age to come, but it arrives always a surprise.

Relationships bring wonderful happiness, and unmerciful hurt.  Our lives seem to be lived at extremes, although we know that is not the case.  We just pay closer attention when on the edges.

An old song I learned as a kid, Lord, still helps me. Thank You for giving it to me “way back then.”

“Living below in this old sinful world, hardly a comfort can afford.  Striving alone to face temptations sore, where could I go but to the Lord?  Where could I go, oh, where could I go? needing a refuge for my soul. Needing a friend to save me in the end.  Where could I go but to the Lord.”

I dare not question the weaknesses of others, Lord, for I, too, have them.  The question remains: “Where could I go but to the Lord?” Knowing this doesn’t spare us.  Knowledge gets us nowhere if not used.  

Oh, God, with a heart in agony, I pray for those who have not discovered this truth for themselves. Parents, husbands, wives, children – all of us, really – spend hours upon hours in worry.  We pay millions and billions of dollars to “fix” our homes, our children, our nation and all that is dear to us.  Medicines promise relief from anxieties, many rely upon illegal drugs, alcohol.  Relief doesn’t last.  Quickly, it’s back. Sometimes we die trying to escape it.

Why won’t people turn to You!  I don’t understand it. Why not come to you, our Creator, to repair our bodies, heal our hurts, restore our hearts.

We profess unlimited love for our children, but won’t do the very thing that will give them happier lives on earth and eternal life – with you, with us, with all those who they say they love? Is it disbelief, pride, rebellion or just plain stubbornness?  I don’t know the answer, but I do know millions are lost and not being shown the way by those whom You chose to guide them!  Mercy! Please, mercy, Merciful Lord!

Oh, God, break wide open our stubborn and soul-killing refusal of your love and mercy.  Free us from that which strangles us so that we will come to you with arms outstretched to grasp the forgiveness and mercy that You offer in our desperation. You promise you’ll never will abandon us in any life situation.  You don’t promise we will get what we ask. You promise You will do for us what is our best.  Oh, Lord, strengthen my belief in this, give me gripping power so I’ll never let go of You no matter what tries to pull me away.

I pray for my loved ones – my children.  I pray for all children -- your children.  Heavenly Father, remind us often of your mercy and gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  I’ve been told, Lord, that when I tell those I love about You it infuriates them.  I don’t know what else to do, Father, except tell the story over and over until they hear or my voice is stilled forever on earth.

I don’t want to be a nuisance, but there is something above love, Jesus, that will not let go. You didn’t let go. Please save those whom I love, I beg, in the name of Jesus, Savior and Lord. Amen.

Don Meadows


Published 4/6/17

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Easter’s Mystery Is Still ‘Why?’

As we move toward those holy remembrances of Passover and Easter, those thoughts of David have to be considered again: “What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?” (Psalm 8:4 (KJV))

What is there about us, from the very beginning until now, that You, an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent entity, took notice of even our possibility?  What prompted your declaration, “Let’s make man in our image, after our likeness?”  Surely, You saw the coming of evil devised by us.  Surely, You knew just how unlike your image we would be.  You knew just how much we would bring pain to each other, and to You.  Surely, You knew how we would neglect, or not comprehend, your appeal to us over centuries of time. Surely, You knew.

Did You “need “ us?  If so, why?

It is beyond my ability understand your motives, Heavenly Father.  I am grateful You went forward with a plan for including those created in “your image.”  Had You not, I would not be here.  Had you not, none of those whom I love, would be here to bring me joy and comfort.  Had You not, none of us would have any reason to look beyond our earth experiences.  It, your creation of us, would have seemed – at least to me – so useless, so unproductive for You, so needless.

David wondered, too, Lord.  Why, did You do it?  Why do You continue to do it?  Had I made the decisions, had the power to build for myself an eternal kingdom, I am not sure what I would have done.  But, I am a mere man.  You are God.

There is but one rational understanding of irrational action.  You created us for love, whatever that is.  You want(ed) us to experience it, to accept it, to offer it, to define it, to protect it, to promote it, to become it.  Lord, that kind of love is far beyond my ability to understand.  It’s too wonderful to even imagine.

And, You went even further.  You saw our sins and sinfulness.  You tried and tried to show us the right way, but we ignored, rebelled or were just too stupid to see it your way.  Thus, we suffered, caused suffering and came to believe it is justified for us to impose suffering on others who disagreed with us because we, of course, are in tune with your wishes.

Was it because You saw that we could never change ourselves that You did that amazing thing? You joined us, became like us, walked among us, yielded to temptations that test us and even died like we will die.  There was a difference!  Death wasn’t the end for You; It’s no longer the end for us, because You came alive out of the tomb.  And we believed!

We remembered You said if we believed, our sins would be forgiven and the grave could have no victory over us.

Lord, I accept what You have offered, and I believe.  I still don’t understand why it was done, but I am so glad it was.  David didn’t understand, but he declared that You are mindful of us, and that You came to be with us.  

So, this Easter we celebrate your victory, stand in awe of your love, and confess it is pure selfishness on our part to even dare claim any part of it.  But love like You give can’t be explained, just accepted.  We can’t earn it, just accept it. We can never thank You adequately, just try to show others what You are.

Help us, O Lord, for there is so much we don’t know.  This one thing, however, is enough:  You have loved us with a Divine Love, and we thank You, in the Risen Christ’s name.  Amen.

Don Meadows


Published 4/11/17

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Prayer: 2-Way Talk

Because I pray in the name of Jesus, I know, Father, you hear my prayers.

I have accepted the grace purchased by his sacrifice on the cross.  I know I have eternal life because of his resurrection.  I rely upon your Holy Spirit to instruct and guide me.  I have the essential doctrines enthroned in my mind and heart.

I still have a problem.  I don’t listen very well.

When in your presence, Lord, many things fight for my attention. Some of these are important, others mere distractions.  Help me overcome this weakness.

I ask that my soul be so filled with awareness of your presence that my spirit will sing of your glory.  May I concentrate always on your mercy and goodness.  Show me how to dwell not on mundane things, but be immersed in the holy work and joys of your kingdom.

Time demands assault me.  I think, “I’ve got to do this.  I must get to work on that.  I’m running out of time to finish this.  I just haven’t got the time to pray.  I really ought to be cutting the grass, cleaning up the yard, get the animals groomed, do the Bible Study for Wednesday prayer meeting.”

You know, of course, Lord, I have become so adept at lying that I even believe them.  How you must shake your head.

When I pray, Lord, help me to know when to listen.  You know all things, even my mind, so reciting my long list is unnecessary. There have been times when I have wished someone would just shut up and let someone else say something.  Do you ever wish that about me?

Forgive me, if that happens.  Fill my mind and heart with the words that you want to hear.  Silence my lips so my heart can hear what you need, and want, to say to me.  I know you speak, spirit-to-spirit, but in so many other ways.  You speak when I see someone in pain, confused, afraid.  You speak when someone I know through family or friends is summoned to come to you.  You speak in times of joy.  You speak through the beauty in the world. Yes, you speak when the ugly is revealed.

Help me remember, Lord, prayer is not about my concerns nor me.  It must be about you.  Correct me when my prayers are self-serving, and redirect them to be a willingness to be serving you.

Oh, how my selfishness is revealed through my prayers.  Please, don’t give up on me, but guide me to be other-minded, welcoming the role of unimportant servant to those whom you want hands and hearts of flesh to touch.

Hear my prayers, O God; but please, silence me so I will hear yours.

Don Meadows


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Paw-Print Conviction

Those little dirty paw prints on the white kitchen floor irritate me, Lord.  Still, I love the little guys that make them and will make them disappear with the steam mop.  It's a price of love, I suppose, and I know the tracks will return.

They also are a reminder of what I do to your kingdom, Lord.  Why must it be like this, the constant messing-up, the continual need for washing?  It's especially difficult for me because I am created in your own image, Father, and I know better.

Still, I track in evidence of where I have been, what I am and have been doing.  I've gotten pretty good at hiding it from others, sometimes even myself.  But, you see it, don't you, Lord?  The filth of our world, the pollutants of the soul are betrayed through the stark contrast to your holiness.

A lady once asked me, God, if I were sanctified.  Her understanding of "sanctified" ruled out sanctification for me.  She meant was I so surrendered to you, Lord, that I don't sin?  I don't want to sin, I try not to sin, but, you know I do sin.  You see it where I walk.  You hear it in the way I sometimes talk.  You know it by the way I think.

I am so glad the word "sanctified" means to be set aside for your use.  I am thankful you accept me because you love me.  How miserable and afraid I would be did I not know you forgive me.  I don’t deserve forgiveness nor am I entitled to it because of my own worth.  I am forgiven because Jesus loves me so completely that he gave life, his blood to satisfy the debt of sin I have accumulated.  Thank you, Lord!

I understand, too, what Paul meant when he confessed to the Romans that he did the very thing he hated, not the righteous thing he wanted to do. (Romans 7:14-25) My question is, Lord, how do I stop being that way?  Is there a way I can avoid walking in this sin-saturated world and not get it on me?  You said yourself Jesus, that I am "in the world" but to "not be of the world."

Hot Dog and Scooter, the primary paw-print villains, can't help it.  Can I?  I mean, can I, somehow, overcome my humanity and become what your Word asks me to be:  Perfect as you are perfect?  I'm really trying, Lord.  Please believe me, I'm trying! And, I’m failing.

How wonderful, how comforting are Paul’s words  in Romans 7:24-25 (NASB77) : 24  Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? 25   Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, on the one hand I myself with my mind am serving the law of God, but on the other, with my flesh the law of sin.

I am eternally grateful, too, Lord, that your word says , "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9 (NASB77)

Holy Spirit, surround me with your wisdom and show me how to avoid taking this promise for granted or abuse it..  O, keep me from manipulating and wrong understanding of truth.  Convict me should I see excuse for continuing the same sins, thinking you will forgive over and over again.  That's a lie, a scam by the devil to lead me away from you, Lord, a ruse to steer me to Satan's hell.

Your love leaps out for my seeing day after day, moment by moment: Paw prints on the floor, your Holy Word, a poem written by Janet nearly 20 years ago:

 *  *  *

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. –1 John 1: 9



Thou hast bathed me, Lord;

My cleansing is complete.

But as I journey through this life,

I sometimes soil my feet.

Wash, Thou, my feet dear Lord,

Then, again, I’ll be wholly clean;

Cleanse me from all sin, Lord,

That may be there, unseen.

I trust in Your Grace, Dear Lord;

I know my salvation is sure;

But through neglect or willful sin,

My heart may not be fully pure.

Forgive me each day, Dear Lord,

For sins which I allow

To cling to me and soil my feet;

Please wash my feet just now.

Fellowship with Thee, Dear Lord,

Restored again will be.

For Thou wilt make me fully clean

And bring me close to Thee.


Janet Fenton Meadows


Don Meadows